You can create a new magazine by clicking on the “New Issue” button in the magazine overview.

By doing so, the following window will appear:

The New Magazine Magazine menu offers the following options::

  1. Magazine title: Enter the title of the magazine.
  2. Description: Enter a brief description of the magazine. This description is shown on the landing page and in the kiosk.
  3. New Page: Click the ‘+‘ to add a page.
  4. Pages: This is the page overview. You can change the page order by ‘Drag & Drop’.
  5. View Magazine: Click the ‘View Magazine’ button to view the magazine.
  6. Status: This sets the status of the magazine, like ‘draft’, ‘Pending Review’ or ‘Published’.
  7. Visibility: Specify whether a magazine is visible for everyone, or if it’s protected by a password.
  8. Publish immediately: If you do not want to publish the magazine immediately, you can schedule it for another date. Here you can specify the publication date.
  9. Move to trash: Moves the magazine to the Trash. The magazine is no longer available online, but can still be re-stored in the magazine overview.
  10. Hide on landingpage: Check this box to hide the magazine on the landingpage/kiosk.
  11. Set featured image: Select the image which will be used in the kiosk.
  12. Magazine Type: Choose which magazine type you want to use. Boxed or Full Screen.
  13. Publish: To publish the magazine, click on the ‘Publish‘ button.