Slideshows provide a quick and easy way to place multiple images in an article without using more space than necessary.When you add a slideshow to your layout, the following window appears:


The Slideshow menu offers the following options:

  1. Images: Select the images for the slideshow.
  2. Slider autoplay: Specify whether the slideshow should start automatically.
  3. Slider speed: Specify the time per slide on. 1000 represents 1 second. 5000 Represents 5 seconds.
  4. Slider loop: Specify whether the slideshow should automatically restart.
  5. Hide prev/next buttons: Buttons are placed automatically to navigate between the slides on the side of each slideshow. Specify whether these buttons should be hidden.
  6. Hide pagination control:  Navigation bullets to indicate the number of slides are automatically placed at the bottom of each slideshow. Specify whether these bullets should be hidden.
  7. Slider height: Enter the height of the slideshow. This is only necessary if the row height is set as “Auto”.
  8. Save & Cancel: Save or cancel the changes.