To add a page, just click in the page list on the ‘+‘ button.


The Page menu offers the following options::

  1. Page title: The title of the page. This title is shown in the navigation.
  2. Visual Composer: With the Visual Composer you can quickly and easily build your page. [Click here for the Visual Composer].
  3. Templates: Find pages previously stored as templates, which can be re-used.
  4. Move to Trash: To remove the page from the magazine, click on this link.
  5. Order: The number which is shown in the field ‘order‘, determines the location of the page in the magazine.
  6. View Page: View the page in the live version.
  7. Save Draft: Save the page as a provisional document. This version will not be public.
  8. Publish: Publishes the page.
  9. Magazine pages: An overview of all pages in the magazine. By clicking on a page, you can directly open the page in the editor.
  10. Featured Image: This image which will be used in the main navigationbar of the magazine.